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Gladstone Media & Pureblink, together with esteemed colleagues from Camrost Feldcorp, NKPR, the Design Agency, and PSR Brokerage embarked on an innovative project beyond our traditional realm of real estate communication and marketing. Motivated by a collective yearning to craft content purely for the joy and creativity it brings, we conceived a mockumentary that debut on April Fools’ Day. This piece not only humorously critiques our own industry but also celebrates the vibrant essence of Toronto, our beloved city. Amidst Toronto’s pressing housing crisis, our mockumentary aims to do more than entertain; it seeks to foster social awareness and stimulate conversation about the city’s real estate challenges. To amplify our impact, Camrost Felcorp has generously donated $1 for every registrant received and will be contributing $15,180 to the St. Felix Centre, turning our creative endeavour into a vehicle for positive change. The centre provides support to some of the most marginalized individuals in Toronto’s downtown core and they do so with respect and dignity, regardless of circumstance, for people of all religions, genders, cultures, and abilities. This project represents a unique fusion of humour, community spirit, and social responsibility, making it a distinct departure from our conventional projects and a meaningful contribution to the discourse on Toronto’s urban development.

St. Felix Centre is a non-profit organization located in downtown Toronto providing compassionate and safe services to marginalized communities experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, mental health challenges, and other complex challenges stemming from poverty.